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Walking Street - the hottest street in Thailand!

Walking Street PattayaWalking Street is the epicentre of Pattaya and its biggest attraction. Indeed many visitors to Pattaya stay in the Walking Street Pattaya zone for the entire duration of their stay. It is usually packed to the rafters with visitors in both high and low season although as of now there is a definite lull. Regardless it is always buzzing - just don't go daytime, if you do it will all be closed.

It is an eclectic mix of mainly bars, gogo bars, nightclubs and restaurants but there is so much more happening. You can see Muay Thai boxing in at least two bar complexes, snake charming, magic shows and the usual proliferation of street traders and entertainers. Watch out for the little kid doing the football juggling! Whilst I don't agree with eleven year olds being out working the streets at night he is certainly worth a look.


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