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Pattaya Hotels has hundreds of hotels and guesthouses to suit all tastes and budgets.

The two best websites for low cost online bookings are: (Pattaya Addicts booking uses Sawasdee/R24 software) - Agoda is usually very slightly more but has a reward point scheme making them better for frequent travellers.

You might find the following Pattaya hotel selection useful.

Areca Lodge Hotel - located on Soi Diana this hotel is ideally placed for all of Pattaya as it is easy to reach both Walking Street in the South plus all the other popular areas of Pattaya. It is particularly popular with single male travellers as there is no additional fee for guests. The lowest price online can be found here - Areca Lodge.

Areca Lodge Pattaya

April Suites Pattaya - April suites is a very popular hotel with single travellers and couples alike. It offers 3 star accommodation at budget prices. It is the most booked hotel by members of the Pattaya Addicts forum.

 April Suites Pattaya

Pattaya Bay Resort - located just off 2nd Road this hotel is again perfectly placed for seeing the whole of Pattaya. Rooms are available from 999 baht and again it is a popular hotel with single male visitors. The lowest price for this hotel is available on their own website at Pattaya Bay Resort.

Pattaya Bay Resort

LK Renaissance Hotel - probably the most popular 5 star hotel with single male travellers. Unlike many of the high end hotels the LK group do not charge joiner fees for guests. You can see more LK Hotels here.

:L Renaisance Pattaya

Galaxy Suites - located in Soi Diamond just off Walking Street this hotel is perfectly located for those who spend most of their time in the Walking Street area. Lowest rates are available on their own website - Galaxy Suites.

Galaxy Suites Pattaya

For a larger selection of Pattaya Hotels at the lowest online prices try:

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